The first draft of the OPDCs Local Plan (regulation 18) was consulted on in spring 2016. GUA made a collaborative response to the consultation.


The formal consultation on the final draft of the OPDC Local Plan (regulation 19) commenced on 29th June 2017. 


An earlier draft was publicaly available from early May 2017 and while there were still likely to be some changes to the final draft text the GUA took advantage of the additional time to begin to discuss the Local Plan policy.  It carried out huge amount of work on the the regulation 19 draft Local Plan - holding a series of meetings on: 23rd May, 5th June, 13th June, 11th July, 23rd August and 5th September and a conference on 24th June.  Notes from discussions held at four of these meetings can be found on the website 'meetings page' and on the 'events page'


GUA members discussed the differences between the OPDC's earlier draft (regulation 18) Local Plan, whether GUA comments in response to the earlier consultation had resulted in changes that they wanted. They also discussed key issues that they wanted to raise in response to the regulation 19 draft Local Plan.

Link to the GUA collaborative response to the consultation, drawn together from discussions at GUA meetings, conference and in email discussion (submitted in September 2017).

To date the draft Local Plan has not been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate to organise an examination in public. 


At the OPDC board meeting in November, it was reported that the OPDC planning team would spend the next four to five months working on the Local Plan before submission in spring 2018, with an examination in public expected in autumn 2018 - very much later than originally intended.

The OPDC is consulting on a further - second revised draft of its Local Plan. GUA members will attend OPDC consultation meetings and organise some of its own prior to drawing together its submission to the consultation. Please see our June 2018 Updates for dates of meetings.

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