In March 2017, Victoria Hill, OPDC Chief Executive, announced that there were already 13,500 homes in the OPDC system, 10,500 of them being in pre-application stages (meaning without planning applicaitons having been submitted), at a London Assembly Plenary meeting. Most of these are in the north of the OPDC area, away from sites where construction of major transport infrastructure developments are planned.

A number of consultations have taken place on proposed developments in Scrubs Lane, the former Guiness factory site in the Park Royal and Old Oak Park (Car Giant site). The OPDC published a Scrubs Lane 'Draft Direction of Travel Document' in December 2016.  This will inform a Scrubs Lane Supplementary Planning Document which will be publised and consulted on as an evidence based document, along with the final (regulation 19) consultation on the the OPDC's London Plan, later this year (2017) 


Listed below are planning applications that have been granted permission in the OPDC area (starting with the most recent). Note that applications for developments in North Acton (which is in the OPDC area) are still approved by Ealing Council. 

North Kensington Gate South,115-129A Scrubs Lane (16/0119/FULOPDC) This application was discussed by the OPDC Planning Coimmittee on 05.04.17.  More information is to be added here.

North Kensington Gate North 93-97A Scrubs Lane, London NW10 6QU (16/0118/FULOPDC)  This application was discussed by the OPDC Planning Committee on 01.03.17.  More information is to be added here.

6 Portal Way, North Acton W3 6RU (161144FUL) - City and Docklands Property Group Demolition of all existing buildings and the redevelopment of the site to provide a double storey basement with four buildings of 2, 9, 11, 32 and 42 storeys comprising 578 residential flats (30% discounted private rented sector homes), 3079.2 sqm of flexible use development, landscaped east-to-west public route between Victoria Road and Portal Way, together with associated amenity and play space, roof gardens, cycle parking, car parking, servicing, public realm improvements, landscaping and infrastructure works. (Permission granted by Ealing Council on 14.02.17)

1-4 Holbrook House Victoria Road Acton W3 6UW1(61133OPDS) - Downing Students (London) LPI Demolition of existing buildings and redevelopment of a part-16/ part-18 /part-24 storey building with basement for use as student accommodation comprising 424 bed spaces; ground floor ancillary student accommodation and a commercial unit. Cycle parking, storage and plant space to be located predominantly at ground and basement levels. Servicing and 2 no. disabled car parking bays on-site as well as improvements to the public realm including widening the footpath to North Acton Station and frontages to Victoria Road and Wales Farm Road. (Permission granted by Ealing Council on 14.02.17)

Oakland planning applicaiton (Ref 15/0091/FULOPDC) - Genesis Housing Association and QPR Holdings Ltd development for three mixed use blocks ranging from six to 26 storeys, with 605 homes and 3,500 sqm commercial floor space, 120 underdground car parking and 1,080 cycle spaces. The orginal application was for 33% affordable housing. The London Mayor provided additional affordable housing grant to bring this up to 40% affordable housing. (The OPDC planning committee originallly resolved to grant planning permission on 13.07.16)


An amendment was made to the composition of the 242 affordable housing units in the scheme at the planning committee meeting of 01.02.17. The affordable housing will now comprise 136 intermediate homes and 106 social/affordable rent homes (16 rewer social/affordable rent homes).

A number of community groups made objections to the application on the basis of the insensitivity of developing a high rise block in close proximity to existing communities living in low rise homes, the impact of the development on the character of futher devlopments in the OPDC area, insufficeint family homes compared to the high level of need in this part of London and inadequate provision of open space and social and community infrastructure.


After the application was approved, Grand Union Alliance raised concerns about the development and the decision making processes, which has since resulted in changes to the OPDC's Statement of Community Involvement.  See GUA letter and proposals to the OPDC Board and Chief Executive and reponse from Victoria Hill the OPDC Chief Executive.




The Oakland application was the first planning permission granted by the OPDC. It is subject to planning conditions and completion of a Section 106 agreement on affordable housing and contributions to social infrastructure. An amendment to the composition of the 'affordable housing' was agreed by the OPDC planning committee on 01.02.17.