Grand Union Alliance (GUA) brings together a wide network of resident and community groups, individuals and small businesses from within and around the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) area. It has more than 250 contacts. Representatives from around 70 different community groups have engaged in its meetings and events since March 2014.
The network aims to ensure that local residents and businesses are well informed, fully consulted and engaged in decision-making about development plans for this part of London. It wants to see plans developed that will sustain existing communities, enhance and respect what local communities currently value in their neighbourhoods and which will mitigate the impact of development.
It submits collaborative responses to OPDC and Mayoral consultations.
It drew up a Statement of Intent and Community Engagement Charter soon after being established, proposed some ground rules’ around community involvement in the development of planning policy and developed a community-based Vision and Objectives for the OPDC area (in attempts to influence OPDC policy).
GUA members organised conferences in November 2014 and June 2017 and participated in a Community Charrette in December 2015 (see our 'events' page). 
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Community Charrette
GUA Meeting OPDC Local Plan